South African Emigration to Mauritius

It’s easier than you think to live in Mauritius and earn USD


If you or family want to emigrate or open a backdoor, now more than ever is the right time, especially as the value of the ZAR is gaining against the weak USD and may depreciate in the future as our country is immersed in massive debt.


Own shares in a Yacht, shares in a business, and an occupation permit as investor into Mauritius. Plus, yacht transfer from SA to Mauritius for 2 persons.

All for USD70,000

Buy this package deal that includes the following:

  • 3% shares in business. SuperTech Yachts is planning and licensed to complete one or two custom-build yacht per year.

  • 3% shares in completed Leeuwin 52 ft power yacht that is ready to go, worth USD1,6m. Additional to this, an income from chartering this yacht 20 weeks of the year.

  • 7 days per year staying on board and use of the yacht.

  • Occupation permit to live in Mauritius for 10 years.

  • Once-off transfer for 2 persons (sharing) on the yacht from South Africa to Mauritius included.

  • Only 25 slots available.

  • Payment directly in USD into Mauritius company to qualify for the occupation permit.

Exchange rate on 05 July 2021​

1 USD = 14.23 ZAR 

The USD 70 000 is ZAR 996 100 today, It is a good time to buy now whilst the USD is weak.

SuperTech Yachts Business



To start return on your investment, we have arranged to initiate our production of the first LEEUWIN 48 Sailing Catamaran right here in SA in our existing factory. Should the travel ban not be lifted by the time we are ready with the production of the actual hull, we will continue with completion here as if it is a first Mauritius build yacht. In other words, no more waiting or unforeseen delays on production. We are ready to start immediately. The relocation to Mauritius will then happen much faster than originally anticipated. 


3% shares in SuperTech Yachts Ltd Mauritius


We will set up SuperTech Yachts in Mauritius as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.


The relocation to Mauritius far outweighs the current economic climate and tax rate in SA. An export company in Mauritius pays only 3% corporate tax, in SA the prevailing company tax rate is 28% PLUS 25% dividend tax. It is a critical factor in yacht building as we operate on low turnover but high-profit margin. In Mauritius, it is a safe economic climate, no threat of naturalization.

The business plan is to build two luxury custom build yachts per year. Our target will be around USD200k profit per yacht.

We are securing a premise with Mauritius Economic Development Board. The existing yacht-building yard in Cape Town can be visited on appointment basis to establish proof of business and see our progress. 

Leeuwin 52

Company asset and Chartering 


3% share in this high-tech power catamaran worth USD 1 400 000.


Become proud part-owner of the brand-new yacht.


We will base it in Mauritius where they have 1,34 million tourists per year.


As a Chartering yacht we will budget for USD 2 000 per day for the bareboat. The boat will be available 20 weeks of the year for paid charters and the balance for owners and cleaning/maintenance.


This Leeuwin 52 will be registered in Mauritius and will be the asset of the STY company, providing excellent security.


There might be a few job opportunities to run the chartering operation of the business. 


On charter trips it will only be for max 6 pax.



While we waited for the restriction on travelling to Mauritius, we have upgraded the existing Leeuwin 52 with solar panels, and we are also busy fitting new synthetic teak decking as well as a streamline flybridge. These upgrades increased the value of the yacht.

7 days on Leeuwin 52 annually.

Occupation permit to live in Mauritius


From 4th June 2020, the minimum investment required to acquire an occupation permit (OP) as an investor, and live in Mauritius as a non-citizen, has been lowered to USD 50,000 (±ZAR 700 000). The validity of an Occupation Permit has also been extended from three to 10 years. Apply for Permanent residency after 3 years. This type of permit enables non-citizens to reside or retire or open their own business in Mauritius.

Yacht Transfer to Mauritius


This is for two persons sharing a cabin for the estimated 6-day voyage. 


The current COVID-19 pandemic and some borders been closed, with no guarantee if it will stay open in the next year. But now you can transfer by a luxury yacht with all the latest amenities, from Durban to Mauritius. Get luxury 5-star service from experienced crew members, for 10 pax - once-off transfer. We will share two dates when this transfer will be available.


It might be the experience of your life. The route will include most of Vilanculos, Bassas da India, Nosy Be and with some fishing in-between.

For more information please contact:

Chris Engelbrecht


Phone: 083 275 4504

Download additional information about Mauritius here:

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