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LEEUWIN Powered Catamaran


In the industry known as “Power Cats”, our flagship Leeuwin powered catamaran is a fast, stable, luxury pleasure yacht with exceptional manoeuvrability.   


The popularity of these powered catamarans has increased in recent years, and the multiple reasons are not surprising: Epic deck and cabin space, superb stability due to our unique multi-hulled design, fuel efficiency as less drag through the water is created due to the hull design, higher speed because of our use of lightweight, innovative construction materials and unparalleled softness of ride.


Safety is always our main priority, and all CE Certification standards are complied with. We only use top quality exterior and interior finishes as is expected in a luxury sailing vessel. All materials used in the construction of these yachts are Lloyd’s approved.


Our Leeuwin Powered Catamaran is available in a 70ft model, the Leeuwin 70. It has a 3-Cabin (Owner’s version) or 4-Cabin (Charter) layout option with additional crew quarters. 

The Leeuwin 70 model can optionally be equipped with an outboard well in lieu of an engine room to house an outboard engine under deck level. A flybridge version is also available on our Leeuwin 70 model.


The starting price for the standard charter-ready option Leeuwin 70 to be advised.


We offer various Optional Upgrades, which can be customized into a complete package to suit every client’s individual requirements. 


Our specialized boatyard is in Cape Town, South Africa, and adheres to high CE standards with well-qualified engineers and skilled craftsmen. 


Our Leeuwin Powered Catamaran is a spacious, sleek, sophisticated, and well-designed luxury pleasure yacht, by a highly skilled, innovative EU naval architect, based in Europe. 

LEEUWIN Power Catamaran




Embracing liberty, outside the conventional


This Power Catamaran presents herself with an inspirational presence, in strong, yet artistic lines. 3-D modeling software and decades of solid experience, has combined strict structural engineering guidelines, with open-minded design, in a VIRTUAL MOLD.   This exciting yacht has evolved in close collaboration with our client, in a CAD and graphic simulations environment, into our  LEEUWINs. Factors of safety first, performance and good sea-keeping has received meticulous   attention from seasoned originators, to meet international standards.


Exterior sketches:


Serene dependability

The semi-displacement hull design, allows relatively low horse power to propel the vessel onto a plane. Our LEEUWIN range breaks out of the mold via a blend of rich experience and fresh, innovative thinking.


SuperTech Yachts  has refined the concept of having two covered, sound proofed Outboard engine-wells, with man–sized entry-hatches in the aft Cockpit deck (2 x 350hp is sufficient, but more can be accommodated). An important safety feature is, that this unique catamaran has zero under water through-hull fittings. The highest quality materials are used by skilled artisans at our build site, to manufacture semi-production designed Yachts. 


Leisurely Lifestyle


Laid back layout

The Saloon, Cockpit and Flybridge, can respectively each, comfortably seat ten people whilst another group might enjoy optional Jacuzzi’s on open, level fore decks of the LEEUWINs. Keeping a large party of friends entertained, impressed and calm,  is no challenge at anchor on this vessel!  The 16m vessel sleep 8 guests and 3 crew in comfort, whilst making passage.

Nothing about the LEEUWIN design is banal or lacking visual quality, whilst all spaces support a totally relaxed and modern lifestyle of leisure.  Everything slides naturally into place without protruding corners or distractions. In the VIP guest- and master suites, some window blinds are conveniently automated, and showers and facilities are exceptionally spacious.



Layout sketch:



Efficient safety

From the exquisite decking outdoors, to the soft underfoot flooring in-doors, all aspects of styling in the LEEUWIN designs, enfold guests with luxury. The Galley sings in harmony with the on-board chef. A cradle for the tender and lashing points are deployed on the foredeck on demand, to secure water-toys in transit, leaving more swimming and diving space aft, from “your lady’s” cockpit. 

This aft area allows for unprecedented one-level walking [with fishing tackle for instance] right up to the high gunwhale edges as well (Fighting chair optional). 

All railings are sturdy and high enough. Even the tendency to lean over slightly, to peep at the occasional accompanying pod of dolphins off the bow, was considered. 


Interior sketches:

Inspired Invention


Regal attributes


Being a gracious accommodating vessel, your LEEUWINs would literally wait for you at low tide, on a sandy, sunny beach... should you perhaps prefer to join them only once they are at your destination. The tender can be lowered to the water surface with the crane, from the foredeck when anchored just outside rocky areas, to collect from, or deliver you and provisions or luggage to shore and then, be lifted back on board again as you require.


This novel crane is mounted and tucked away discreetly under the Flybridge. The low weight, hybrid construction method and tested fluid dynamic hull design of the LEEUWINs,  allow for easy planing and lower fuel consumption. 

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