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Boat Builder in Cape Town

The well-established infrastructure in Killarney Gardens, Cape Town, on the West Coast of South Africa, is where Manufacturing for and Construction of your boat, will flow from the hands of our highly skilled, experienced production team. Our Power Catamaran and Sailing Catamaran departments, both being equipped with ample tooling and a CNC machine, share a great passion for excellence and working in focussed harmony.

All our build-projects benefit from experienced specialists applying 2D and sophisticated 3D modelling software and Fluid dynamics, enabling properly engineered development of, both optimally serviceable Power and Sailing vessels. The in-house team also work in close collaboration wit carefully selected professional, qualified co-makers of marine products, all in the heart of this South African Marine cluster in the surrounding area.

The SuperTech Yachts Sail-section in the boatyard draws inspiration from and is endlessly energized by the timeless notion of quietly and comfortably crossing vast expanses of the “seven seas” and numerous other bodies of water and great lakes, safely and efficiently. This is at the root of the  satisfaction  and  joy of the pure power of “wind in the sails”!

Our Power Catamarans capture the hearts of adventurous men and engineers universally striving for the freedom offered by vessels which are as streamlined as possible, with brute power to a very good weight ratio.  This is achieved by optimising functionality balanced with luxurious spacious comfort!

Construction Gallery:

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