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LEEUWIN Sailing Catamarans


Our LEEUWIN Sailing Catamaran range is designed and engineered for the ultimate sailing experience. 

These multi-hulled pleasure yachts provide superb stability and smooth sailing at competitive speeds due to its unique hull design and innovative, lightweight construction materials. Safety is our main priority, and all CE Certification standards are complied with. We only use top-quality exterior and interior finishes as is expected in a luxury sailing vessel. All materials used in the construction of these yachts are Lloyd’s approved.  

Our LEEUWIN Sailing Cats are available in 2 models: LEEUWIN 42ft and LEEUWIN 50ft yachts. All models have 3-Cabin (Owner’s version) or 4-Cabin (Charter) layout options. Our LEEUWIN 50 model can accommodate additional crew quarters.  

We also offer various optional upgrades, which can be custom tailored into a complete package that suits every client’s individual needs.

Our specialized boatyard is located in Cape Town, South Africa, and adheres to high CE standards with well-qualified engineers and skilled craftsmen. 

Our LEEUWIN Sailing Catamaran range is a well-designed, blue-water fast cruiser, by a highly-skilled innovative EU naval architect, based in Europe. 

LEEUWIN Sailing Catamaran Range



LEEUWIN Sailing Catamaran Layouts:

Leeuwin 42 - Gallery

Leeuwin 42 - Sketch Renders

Leeuwin 42 - Sketch Renders

Download the specifications sheet here: